Zuckerberg would pay a billion dollars in taxes for the year

Zuckerberg would pay a billion dollars in taxes for the yearTax account of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2012 may exceed a billion dollars. It is reported by CNNMoney citing three of Chartered Accountants (Certified Public Accountant, CPA).

On the day of the IPO (initial public offering) Facebook May 18, 2012 Zuckerberg exercises option on 60 million shares at a price of six cents per share. Type the founder of the social network options are taxed as ordinary income (ie, income derived not from capital gains).

Even if the securities are sold, the tax authorities believe that the holder of the option on the day of implementation of the income received, the size of which is determined as the difference between prescribed in the option and the market value of the shares. Facebook shares were priced at $ 38 apiece. At the auction on March 28 securities fell by nearly two percent to 25.6 dollars.

As a result, as noted by CNNMoney, following last year Zuckerberg should report the receipt of ordinary income of $ 2.3 billion from the sale of their only options. These funds are subject to a federal tax of 35 percent and a tax of California at 13.3 percent (the highest among U.S. states). The final rate will be 48.3 percent, and taxes 1.11 billion.

In February 2012, CNNMoney reported with reference to the estimates of the tax that, in general, after the implementation of their options Zuckerberg will have to pay $ 1.5-2 billion of taxes.

IPO Facebook held May 18, 2012. Investors valued the company at $ 104 billion. As of February of this year, Zuckerberg owns 632 million shares of Facebook, which is 29.3 percent of the securities of the company. Since the placement of the share of the founder of the social network increased by 1.1 percent.