Zuckerberg took a housing loan at the rate for large Belarusian family

Zuckerberg took a housing loan at the rate for large Belarusian familyFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has renewed a mortgage, failing to achieve the banks a record annual interest rate 1.05%. Now billionaire in 30 years will have to repay a loan of U.S. $ 5,950,000 on the money Zuckerberg bought a new home in California, for which the second year in mortgage payments, according to Bloomberg.

Mark Zuckerberg has refinanced his mortgage to buy a mansion in California. Such interest rate is unlikely to exceed the rate of inflation. "When you can take a loan from the bank at a rate lower than inflation — it means that you borrow for free," — said a senior financial analyst at Bankrate Inc Greg McBride.

Now the average rate on a mortgage for the average American is 2.69% — a minimum percentage possible due to moderate policy of the Federal Reserve System. Experts believe Bloomberg: Bank against Zuckerberg went on such a generous step, because the owner of the state to $ 14 billion at any time to buy a house for cash.

Until early 2011, Zuckerberg lived in a rented apartment and moved frequently. Last year, the city of Palo Alto (Calif.) Zuckerberg bought a house, located 10 minutes. drive from the new headquarters of Facebook and 5 km from Stanford University. Zuckerberg house built in 1903. Its area is 837 square meters. m, there are two floors and five bedrooms.

State of the 28-year-old Zuckerberg is now estimated at $ 15.7 billion It is on the 40th place in the ranking of the richest people in the world according to the agency Bloomberg.

In Belarus a loan for housing under 1% per annum can only get large families. Such a rule is spelled out in the decree of the President of 13 January 6, 2012.

Citizens who do not belong to the privileged categories, defined by the decree of 13, "Belarusbank" provides loans at 25% per annum for those in need of better housing conditions and under 34% for nenuzhdayuschihsya.