What will be the smart phone of the future?

What will be the smart phone of the future?During the first ten years of the XXI century mobile phones have become smarter, got powerful processors and operating systems. Actually, most of the new phones communication devices can be called a stretch, since it is only one of many functions.

In 2000, the company has named Ericsson smartphones such devices, ie smart phones. In 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone, showing how to look perfect smartphone decades. Since then, the touch screen touchscreen and intuitive graphical interface has become an integral part of smartphones.

Crystal Communications

But as time goes on. Both active users had already used to the candy bar smartphones to their sensitive capacitive screens for device integration with social networks. I wondered what would happen next, as the communication device will look in five years. Most likely, the person is unlikely to completely abandon the customary form of a mobile phone, a flat prism easily fits in your jacket or pants. And at the same time, the future of smart phones (Smart Phone Future SPF) will not be like cell phones, people use now, the new features will require new designs.

The development of social networks, increasing the volume and weighting of content developers will be forced to increase the screen. But he, like now, should lie comfortably in the hand. Therefore, the optimal screen size 4.2-4.5 inch or 10,7-11,4 cm, a maximum of 5 inches or 12.7 cm This screen allows you to comfortably watch viderolikov, play games and chat via video. Moreover, the telephone is not one, but two screens, it can be used with one hand and with the other. Actually, everything is going to ensure that the entire surface of the phone is a multifunctional touchscreen. And if the iPhone 4S one button (Home) on the front panel and four (-, +, sleep and mute switch) on the side, then the smart phone of the future will not be at the buttons. SPF is intact — no gaps and holes, without lids and compartments.

Strictly speaking, in the near future, we will cease to use the phone and start to use the Communication crystals. In 2010 the company introduced a prototype smartphone BlackBerry Empathy, in the shape of the crystal. A Finnish manufacturer Nokia brought to market new phones Lumia 800 and N9 made from a solid piece of polycarbonate. In short, take out the battery of this phone is impossible. So, the trend is clear, smart phones of the future will be monolithic. Making them are of solid crystalline material is translucent.

If you drop a BlackBerry or Nokia in a water bath, then they stop working. For vehicles of the future this will not be a problem, because their body does not remain connectors for connecting the charger or headphones. The future of contactless technology. The device will be charged inductively from a special stand. Furthermore, during the operation of the future will be recharged smartphone from electromagnetic waves to the ether and other radiations. World is permeated by infrared, ultraviolet radiation, as well as emissions from radio stations, repeaters, transmitters, Wi-Fi-equipment and so on. Why not soak up the trash enclosure types of radiation and do not recycle them into electricity.

By blink of an eye

The smartphone of the future, in addition to the existing voice input, will be a system of visual contact or virtual contact to be called, for example, Vision Contact or ViCo. With two symmetrically located on the edges of the body-stabilized high-definition camera efficient processor will be able to calculate the position of the pupil and the sight of his time fixing the virtual keyboard. That means the phone will look and feel point of view of the desired key virtual keyboard. It will be enough to learn how to delay it for a certain time, and you will be able to type text messages look.

Also, thanks to emerging technologies, it will be possible to control the future of smartphones with the help of virtual touch. When your finger is not touching the screen smartphone will be able to manage it because of the reflected signal. Illumination finger or stylus may be in the infrared.

With peripherals headphones, a printer, an external display and the like smart future will interact with the existing wireless technologies, e.g., Bluetooth, NFC and so on. However, perhaps in the near future there will be new technologies of interaction devices. It is expected that there will be unified wireless data transmission technology. Appears a new technology called its Indigo, which combine all the existing standards and the rate of data transfer of this technology will be considerably higher than the current methods of mobile high speed broadband data communication.

The smartphone of the future, be able to play stereo anaglyph, 3D-technology in recent years have reached commercial maturity. And the sound quality requirements in the near future will increase. The devices of the future will be equipped with a function with stereo and even quad-sound. Maybe after a while, the phone will not even need to hold the ear, acoustic technology will allow betray focused sound directly to the ear shells, most importantly, on the way to the sound beam is not obstructed.

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