Verification of Operation

To confirm that the device works properly, follow these steps:

1. Connect the output to a household 15-watt, 115 VAC fluorescent lamp.

Table 24-1 Fish stunner project parts

Ref. # Qty. Description DB #

Rl, 3 2 IK. ‘A-watt resistor (br-blk-red)

R2 470-ohm, ‘A-watt resistor (yel-pur-br)

R4 10K trimpot (103)

R5 ЮК control poi linear

R6.8 2 10-ohms,1 A-watt (br-blk-blk)

R7 2 1.8K. 3-watt metal-oxtde-seimcomluctor (MOX) resistors, two in a series

for 3600 ohms

Cl 10,000 mfd/ 16-volt electrolytic capacitor axial leads

C2 2.2 mfd/50-voU nonpolarized electrolytic capacitor

C3 .01 mfd/50-voll disk (103)

C5 2.200 mfd/25-volt vertical electrolytic capacitor

C4 3.9 mfd. 350-volt plastic capacitor #3 9M

DI. 2 2 IN914 silicon diodes

D3 LN5408 1 Kv. 3-amp rectifier

D4 Bright-green LED

Q1 1RF450 MOSFET transistor


11 555 DIP timer 1C

Tl 24-volt 4 A with 240-volt primary 60 Hz. reworked per text #1UTR2412R

S1 SPST 3-amp toggle switch

PBUARD 2 ‘/4 X 5 X.1 grid perforated board, cut to size per Figure 24-3

WR20R Ci feet #20 vinvl wires, red

WR20B 6 feet #20 vinvl wires, black

WRBUSS 24 inches #20-inch bus wire

THERMO Thermo pad for mounting under Ql

LUOl 6-32 solder lug

TYEWRAP 2 12-inch heavy-duty tie wraps for holding Tl to frame

FRAME 11.5 X 1.75.063 A1 plate fabricated per Figure 24-5

BUI ‘/«" plastic clamp bushing

SWl I 6-32’/2 Phillips screw

SW3 1 6-32 X l/2-inch nylon screw

NUTl 2 6-32 kep nut

CAP1.2 2 3 ‘/z-inch plastic caps fabricated per Figure 24-7

EN1 10- x 3 ‘/2-inch OD schedule 40 PVC tubing

Connect ihe input to a 12 VDC source or a 4. Connect to the required electrodes and test it

battery capable of supplying 2 amps. out on a target fish. Use as suggested in Figure


Turn on the power and rotate the control, not­ing that the bulb lights and gets brighter as the control is turned clockwise. Also note the out­put indicator lighting.

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