U.S. Senate postponed a vote on anti-piracy law

U.S. Senate postponed a vote on anti-piracy lawVoting in the U.S. Senate on a bill aimed at combating piracy on the Internet, has been postponed. As reported by Politico, a decision was taken on January 20 the leader of the Democratic majority in the upper house of Congress Harry Reid.

Members of the Senate were to vote on the bill PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) on Tuesday, January 24. The vote was postponed due to the current public debate on the issue of state regulation of the Internet.

In addition, to postpone the vote on PIPA Reid called the Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell. Previously, all four contenders for the presidential nomination of U.S. Republicans opposed the bill SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) – this document PIPA, introduced in the lower house of Congress. Under pressure from the public in support of the bill was refused and many other members of the House of Representatives.

A large-scale campaign against anti-piracy legislation has been deployed in the network. Google Inc. has collected millions of signatures demanding not to take the law SOPA. Against the bill also made the top sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. Last night on Jan. 18 closed access to the English-speaking part of the resource.

However, in announcing the postponement of voting, Harry Reid expressed hope that the public will be able to reach a compromise on the issue of anti-piracy legislation. "Because of piracy, the U.S. economy loses billions of dollars each year, and thousands of people lose their jobs," – recalled the senator.

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