Trainers will be electric cars

Dutch scientist and designer Peter Tridveem invented shoes that will run on electricity, so they need to be more correct to call no shoes, and small electric cars.

The new development is called spnKiX. Running shoes are a continuation of the ideological "Heelys" – sneakers with wheels. This vehicle is a carbon fiber base that attaches directly to the shoes.

Trainers will be electric cars

It is equipped with small wheels, electric, working from its own battery. The system operates with a remote control that sends command signals over the air.

While there is only one signal, which can increase or decrease the speed of movement. Charging lithium battery lasts for five kilometers, but declared speed is impressive: running shoes are able to move his master at a rate of 16 kilometers per hour.

Over the past year, scientists have been developed and tested in a "battle" conditions of about three dozen prototypes. During this time he managed to make tangible progress in its development concept of running shoes.

It is planned that in March of this year, the first samples of sneakers with electric motors go on sale.

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