The opposition sites and social networks are not available

The opposition sites and social networks are not availableAlmost all the leading social services are not available from 16.00. Google, Twitter, Facebook are not available. Unknown cause of the problem may Beltelekom sets a limit on visiting these resources.

Belarusian opposition Internet resources Charter 97, the Belarusian partisans, and not loaded. As BelaPAN editor of Charter 97 Natalia Radin, from about 14.00 site is blocked at the level of RUE Beltelecom. Editorial connects it with the ongoing presidential election.

Editor of the website Charter 97 said that blocking the site confirms that the presidential elections are going to continue the script. According to her, opposition websites are blocked because they posted truthful information about the election, about irregularities during the election campaign, the detention of opposition activists and, in addition, calls to take part in an unauthorized rally on December 19 in October Square.

Radin said that at present the site is updated through the social network Facebook. It created a group

In technical support RUE Beltelecom said that if other sites are loaded, the problems with — are internal problems the site Beltelekom not responsible for them.

In the edition of the Internet resource Belarusian partisans also reported that the site on some computers to load properly on the other — loaded an old version. So, there were reports from readers who complained that the information is not updated their description, loaded the news from December 18. Technical Service website has learned that on 17 December were bought false domain names, and which is forwarded.

Editorial also binds problems on the website of the presidential election.

To get to the sites only through proxies.