The number of Android-virus growing at an unprecedented rate

Researchers from the Juniper Global Threat Center, specializing in issues of network security, issued a report saying that the number of viruses that attack android Soup has risen for four months by 472%.

The reason for that analysts say is too liberal environment for developers of Android. To begin placing your applications, just to pay a. No one checks whether your application does what it promises users are content with just that description, which deems it necessary to make the developer.

In August, the number of detected viruses Android-grew by 10% in September – up 18% in October, up 110% at once, and in November, already today, the growth in their number amounted to 111%.

The authors of the virus, with an increasing number of targets to attack, coming up with more and more advanced “worms.” If at the beginning of spring just some viruses can get superuser access through an infected application is now “the possibility is almost every malicious program, simply because vulnerabilities are present in nearly 90% Android-devices.”

According to Juniper, 55% of malicious software – this is a spyware that collect personal information, and 44% – “SMS-Trojan horses” that without the knowledge of the users to send short messages to premium numbers intruders.

The authors of viruses for Android, as a rule, are experienced hackers, previously created the Trojans for Symbian and Windows Mobile. “They switched to Android, as the platform has won back a significant share of the market for these legacy platforms,” – the report said.

Researchers have abstained from certain statements that iOS is safer than Android, although noted that Apple’s approach still avoids the intrusion of viruses on its platform. But do not think that iOS is invulnerable. Charlie Miller, a security expert, known for repeated successful hacking attempts products from Apple, discovered last week a security breach iOS after which he was deprived of a developer license.

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