The former first lady of Germany has filed a lawsuit against Google

The former first lady of Germany has filed a lawsuit against GoogleThe former first lady of Germany Bettina Wulff (Bettina Wulff) has filed a lawsuit against Google because of the rumors about his past that are distributed on the Internet, including by means of the search engine. According to Sueddeutsche Zeitung on September 9 at the end of last week, the family's lawyer Gernot Lehr Wolfe (Gernot Lehr) filed suit in the District Court of Hamburg. According to the documents, Google is accused of slander assumption, as well as aiding in the dissemination of false information.

Rumors that before the marriage with Christian Wulff, the former president of Germany, Bettina worked escort services are distributed over the past two years. Most of these stories can be easily found through Google. If you type a search query "Bettina Wulff," then the AutoComplete feature will offer a lot of options on this topic from the "Bettina Wulff Playboy" to "Bettina Wulff mattress."

Now Wulfs require a court to prohibit use of the Google search engine to auto-complete a number of words in a row with the name Bettina. Representatives of Google emphasize that the mechanism of auto-focuses on the most frequent user requests, and the company does not want to impose censorship. However Wulfs need to adjust the mechanism.

Lawyers for the former first lady trying to track the emergence of these rumors, and sometimes they are able to achieve removal of the relevant posts on blogs, without bringing the matter to court. However, most of the sources of these rumors install either impossible or can not bring these people to justice, as they are abroad.