The FBI has published a dossier on Steve Jobs

The FBI has published a dossier on Steve JobsThe FBI has published a dossier on Apple founder Steve Jobs, developed in the early 1990s, according to Agence France-Presse on Thursday, February 9. The document consists of 191 pages, was made public on the basis of the Law on Freedom of Information (Freedom of Information Act).

File was created in 1991 when the appointment was discussed Jobs in Export Council (The President's Export Council) under the U.S. President George HW Bush. Jobs at the time temporarily left the company Apple. The candidacy of Steve Jobs, in turn, has been approved, and he entered the presidential Export Council, U.S. Department of Commerce announced on February 9 after the publication of the dossier, reports Associated Press.

While working on the dossier FBI agents interviewed neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members of the founder of Apple – only 29 people. They also talked to by Jobs.

A number of respondents gave a controversial personality Jobs. "To achieve his goals, he will turn the truth and distort reality" – is contained in the dossier words of one of your friends with Jobs. At the same time, the other person in a conversation with the FBI, said that Jobs "truthful and honest, and almost always says exactly what he thinks."

The dossier also contains information about the personal life of Jobs. In particular, the drafters of the document mentions that the founder of Apple some time to care for her daughter, born out of wedlock, and her mother, but at the time of the dossier has changed for the better.

Steve Jobs himself in an interview with FBI agents told, among other things, that in the years 1970-1974, during training in high school and college, experimenting with drugs. In this case, the founder of Apple said at the time that in the past five years, did not use drugs.

Both of these facts from the privacy of Jobs, the AFP, mentioned in the authorized biography of the founder of Apple, written by Walter Isaacson.

Simultaneously with the publication of a dossier on Jobs, the FBI announced, and documents on the investigation of threats against Apple. In February 1985, to the documents, the company received an anonymous call to demand payment of one million dollars. Otherwise, the caller promised to arrange a blast. An explosive device was found, no company has not made payments.

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