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The global high-tech materials may be left without

The global high-tech materials may be left withoutChina stopped the supply of rare earth metals to the United States and Europe. About this newspaper The New York Times, citing its sources. In the past month, according to the publication, were frozen supplies of metals in Japan. In this case, the official Beijing still claims that there is no embargo on the export of strategic minerals were not introduced.

Now China produces 95 percent of the world's rare earth metals. Among them, in particular samarium, terbium, lanthanum, lutetium, thulium, and others. They are necessary for the production of high-tech products, including weapons, electronic equipment, wind turbines, as well as lasers and mobile phones.

Belarus can go without the Internet

Belarus can go without the InternetAfter the Christmas holidays Belarusians will be fined for viewing the "wrong" from the point of view of the state, websites, and avoiding the use of the national segment of the virtual space. Experts argue that this amounts to a ban on the use of the Internet.

Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences, which oblige Belarusians use only those sites that are registered in the national segment of the Internet, will come into force on 6 January 2012. A fine of 40 to 125 dollars in the equivalent threatens those who would try to offer their products and services by placing the information on nebelorusskih sites. In the $ 125 cost a desire to see what is written at the level of the state prohibited sites. The same number of paid Internet service providers, if you do not shut off such sites. If the access points will not be established control over its visitors (subscriber identification devices and users, storing information about them and visited sites), they will have to pay a fine of 20 to 60 dollars equivalent. Monitor the implementation of the new requirements mandated KGB, the Interior Ministry, the SCC and the tax authorities.