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Microsoft has launched a website with news from social networks

Microsoft has launched a website with news from social networksMicrosoft is Thursday, February 16, launched a website msnNOW, which collects all latest news of social networks.

The portal brings together news from the network Facebook, microblogging service Twitter, the search engine Bing, YouTube video portal and site BreakingNews.com. According to Agence France-Presse, portal analyzes search queries entered by users in Bing, as well as status updates on social networks and highlights the most important news trends.

Special banner on the site indicates that at the same time, the system analyzes more than 220 million searches and more than 13 million status updates on social networks.

Hackers attacked the website of European Parliament

Hackers attacked the website of European ParliamentEuropean Parliament's website was unavailable in the evening on January 26 as a result of DDoS-attacks.

According to the representative office, which results in the publication The New Europe, the resource has not been broken in the near future access will be restored. At the time of writing, the site, located on the third level domain (europarl.europa.eu) remained inaccessible, while the second-level domain – europa.eu – functioned normally.

Attack occurred just hours after signing Poland Trade Agreement on Combating Counterfeiting (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, ACTA), toughens measures against pirate sites. As pointed out by The Inquirer, only an agreement signed by 22 European countries, and it will come into force after the discussion in the European Parliament.