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A quarter of Europeans have never used the internet

A quarter of Europeans have never used the internet24 percent of people in the European Union have never in my life did not have access to the Internet. In 2006, their share was 46 percent. This was reported in the press release of Eurostat.

Countries in which most people never goes online to become Romania, Bulgaria and Greece (54, 46 and 45 percent, respectively). In Sweden, by contrast, have never used the internet for only 5 percent of the adult population. It is followed by Denmark and the Netherlands with 7 percent.

The study authors suggest that by 2015 the number of people who never had access to the network to drop the EU average of 15 percent.

U.S. effectively used cyber weapons

U.S. effectively used cyber weaponsThe U.S. has already used cyber weapons and efficiently. This was announced on Monday, the former director of National Intelligence, Vice Admiral Michael McConnell retired.

In an interview with "Reuters", he said that the U.S. has the ability to "attack, weaken or destroy" the enemy in cyberspace. In this case, McConnell pointed out that such actions "have been effective," not telling, with no information about when, under what circumstances, against whom and with what consequences America used its cyber weapons and which one.