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Cartoon about a race of lasers has become a leader to display the page "RUSNANO" on YouTube

Short promotional cartoon titled “Once upon a time two laser” for two weeks from the date of posting on YouTube scored nearly six thousand views. For this indicator, it has overtaken all the videos added by users to rosnano.

Cartoon, judging by the fact that in the end it appears as a link to the address “RUSNANO”, was commissioned by the state corporation. It talks about how to live quietly solid and gas lasers, while their life is not a competitor – a flexible fiber laser. It is the most effective of all the lasers, although it seems unmanageable.

Mark Zuckerberg is included in the presidential race

Mark Zuckerberg is included in the presidential raceSocial network Facebook has announced a political action committee. This authority will allow employees to provide financial support to U.S. political parties and candidates for governor and U.S. presidents. Facebook filed a corresponding request to the Federal Election Commission of the United States. This step fits into the overall strategy of the company to strengthen its lobbying resources.

In a statement, Facebook in connection with the decision to create a political action committee (PAC) says that it is "the voice of the social network of employees in the political process will be heard." They will be able to "support those candidates who share the goals" of the company, namely, "to promote the importance of innovation for the U.S. economy, and make the world more open and interconnected."