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Iran will block Google and Gmail

Iran will block Google and GmailThe Iranian authorities block the local user access to the search engine Google and the mail service Gmail "in a few hours," said Sunday, September 24, a representative of the government of the country. According to a member of the Government Abdulsamada Horamabadi transmit Reuters and The Guardian. Google and Gmail are blocked in the country until further notice, the official said.

Reuters and the Guardian referred to the agency ISNA, which connects the blocking of services with anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims", which caused protests and provoked riots in some Islamic countries.

Google Android was going to make a stylish as the iPhone

Google Android was going to make a stylish as the iPhoneGoogle has published a guide for creating beautiful Applications for Android. Therefore, the company aims to solve one of the prominent problems of its platform – the lack of a unified style.

With the latest version of the operating system Android – Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) – Google for the first time seriously attended to design mobile applications that users install on their smartphones. The company intends to solve one of the most prominent problems platform for which it is often criticized for – lack of stylistic unity of mobile applications.

Sarkozy has again proposed a "tax on the Google"

Sarkozy has again proposed a "tax on the Google"Internet giants have to pay tax on online advertising French budget. On this, as reported by Agence France-Presse, President Nicolas Sarkozy said in an interview with Le Point.

According to the President, in the event of his re-election, he will seek taxation of Internet companies not only in France but throughout the European Union. "It is unacceptable that companies that receive billions of euros in revenue in France, do not pay taxes on this income," – said the president.

Earlier, Sarkozy has already given the order to examine the possibility of introducing a so-called "tax on Google". The proposal came after repeated complaints of media companies that major Internet portals earn by selling advertising space, using their content, particularly news. The Ministry of Culture of France initiated the bill on the new tax on online advertising by offering to send the funds to support local writers, musicians and publishers.

Google Chrome has become the most popular browser in the world

Google Chrome has become the most popular browser in the worldChrome browser bypassed Internet Explorer from Microsoft and has become the most popular among users all over the world, according to StatCounter. Microsoft does not agree with the method of calculation of the company.

Chrome browser share in mid-March for the first time surpassed that of its main competitor Internet Explorer, from the data service statistics StatCounter. The share of Chrome was 32,7%, Internet Explorer 32,48%. At the 3rd place with a share of the browser Firefox 25.83%. Chrome beat his rival in Asia in early March, in Europe on the last weekend in Africa, he took 2nd place after Firefox, but also bypassed Internet Explorer. In North America, according to StatCounter, Internet Explorer is still in the lead, but Chrome beat Firefox to become the second most popular browser. It is about daily audience of browsers used on desktop computers.

The most expensive advertising in Google valued at $ 50-per-click

The most expensive advertising in Google valued at $ 50-per-clickGoogle will earn up to $ 50 per click advertising, tied with the help of service to the AdWords keyword searches. This is stated in a study site WordStream, which deals with the calculation and processing of key words on the Internet. WordStream also learned what words bring Google more than just profit.

Google AdWords advertising service is designed on the principle of auction in which advertisers make bids on keywords based on their popularity in search queries. The minimum rate is 5 cents, but WordStream says that advertisers are willing to pay $ 50 for the most "expensive" words. Total cost of advertising is determined on a "pay per click" ("cost per click").