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Microblog Sweden gave citizens

Microblog Sweden gave citizensOfficial Twitter-Account of Sweden handed over ordinary citizens, who will alternate in the role of its "curators." The action began on December 10, but the media found out about it only on December 16.

Each "curator" has access to the profile of the week, according to the website of the project. Its creators, the Swedish Institute and the travel agency VisitSweden, believe that in this way will represent the country on all sides.

Project developers have assumed that getting access to your account, people would advise readers to interesting facts, places and events in Sweden. However, the first "curator" profile, which became Jack Werner (Jack Werner), published in the main messages of a personal nature, sometimes not quite correct.

James Cameron gave his bathyscaphe scientists

James Cameron gave his bathyscaphe scientistsHollywood director James Cameron gives his bathyscaphe "DIPS Challenger" ("Deepsea Challenger") American Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

It is at this submersible author of "Titanic" and "Avatar" has made in the past year, a single dive to the bottom of the deepest point of the oceans – the Mariana Trench. Cameron was personally involved in the development of submersibles and spent on its creation nearly 10 million dollars, the New York Times.

It is not known whether will go again in the foreseeable future, "DIPS Challenger" in the depths of the sea, but Cameron himself has assured that if you need it, it bathyscaphe to this completely ready. All depends on the availability of research projects and finance. The main thing is that the advanced technology used to create mini-submarine, will not be lost and will help in the design of new undersea vehicles.