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European ISPs to filter traffic banned

European ISPs to filter traffic bannedEuropean Court of Justice has established November 24 that the ISPs do not have to filter user traffic. This was reported by Associated Press.

As pointed out by ZDNet, prohibition applies to direct traffic analysis, which is used in cases where the blocking of access to the most web resource does not give the desired effect. So now the providers are not able to "cut off" certain types of information transmitted, for example, the reception and transmission of files over p2p-protocol used by torrent-trackers.

Austria has banned the DVRs by private transport

Austria has banned the DVRs by private transportData Protection Commission denied a resident of Austria, which would officially set the DVR in your car. Court found the use of such devices invasion of privacy, because the record can get people's faces and car registration plates. This was announced by the Austrian TV channel ORF.

According to the commission's decision in the case of the unauthorized installation of DVR in the car the offender to pay a fine of up to 10,000 euros. In the case of re-install the maximum amount of the fine will be 25,000 euros. In addition, the recorder captured residents can file a civil lawsuit in the amount of up to 20,000 euros.