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In Vilnius trolley is available for free to access the Internet

In Vilnius trolley is available for free to access the Internet15 In one of the Vilnius trolley routes leading into the campus "Sauletyake" Free Wi-Fi mobile internet.

According to the authors of the project – capital enterprise "Vilnyaus troleybusay" and TV Center – a free wireless connection in Vilnius trolley, for sure, will attract the attention of students, since they, along with pensioners, are the main public transport passengers in the capital of Lithuania. The project, which started in Vilnius at the end of September and will run until December 7, passengers will demonstrate the possibility of wireless zones in the vehicle: the Internet in this area can be joined with the help of computers and mobile phones, if they have an adapter WiFi. This technology is the fourth generation of mobile communication allows you to transfer huge amounts of data.

The opposition sites and social networks are not available

The opposition sites and social networks are not availableAlmost all the leading social services are not available from 16.00. Google, Twitter, Facebook are not available. Unknown cause of the problem may Beltelekom sets a limit on visiting these resources.

Belarusian opposition Internet resources Charter 97, the Belarusian partisans, zapraudu.info and nekliaev.org not loaded. As BelaPAN editor of Charter 97 Natalia Radin, from about 14.00 site is blocked at the level of RUE Beltelecom. Editorial connects it with the ongoing presidential election.

Editor of the website Charter 97 said that blocking the site confirms that the presidential elections are going to continue the script. According to her, opposition websites are blocked because they posted truthful information about the election, about irregularities during the election campaign, the detention of opposition activists and, in addition, calls to take part in an unauthorized rally on December 19 in October Square.