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Let us admit that pets are inevitable part of the family. However, in comparison with human members of the family we give them much less attention than they deserve. We usually see and interact with them in the morning and in the evening, and the rest of the time they are alone. Of course, when there are several pets in the family, they can interact with each other so they do not feel too lonely.

Caring owners always think how to entertain their pets while they are not at home. Some people hire dog walkers to exercise their dogs or ask neighboring kids to take care of their pets when they go to work. Others prefer to use professional services that look after pets, like kennels, pet boards or pet sitters.  But some owners have no possibility to take an advantage of such help because their pets do not like strangers or they are afraid of them. Some pets feel really uncomfortable close to other animals, so in kennels they feel stressed.

All that house animals need is love, attention and exercise. And you can give it to them even when you are not at home! Petcube is a perfect way to entertain yourself and your pet without efforts and you will definite receive maximum positive!


What is Petcube? It is an interactive pet monitor with help of which you will be able to communicate and play with your pet. Take pictures and record videos of your pets and do not forget to share them with your friends. Moreover, you can even share access to your Petcube to all your friends, family and anyone from Petcube network!

This camera also has a microphone and a speaker so you will be able to speak with your pet and he will hear your voice also. Hearing your voice will make your pet happy and thus your connection will become stronger.

And here is the most exciting part – Petcube camera has a laser in it and everybody knows how animals love to play with laser! You can exercise your dog or cat without being home! Bring into notice that you have nothing to worry about – this laser is absolutely safe for animals with no damage to their sight.

There are even more additional features that you might find really handy:

  • Sound alerts. You will get notification via your smartphone about any loud sound in your house.
  • Motion detection. You will know when your pet is active and willing to play. Especially useful for cat owners as cats like to sleep most of the day.
  • Auto play mode – create automatic laser movement routine so your pet can play with laser without your assistance.

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