Special Note: Utilizing a Standing UJave

It is possible to produce a standing wave at the face of the transducer TD1 and improve the system sensi­tivity. Point the device at a steady, low-intensity source of high-frequency energy and carefully adjust

Special Note: Utilizing a Standing UJave

Note shielded cable is 18" and is routed through a small hole in the raar cap CAP3 and in PARA12 reflector

TD1 is fitted into bushing BU1 Assembly is then inserted into the 5.5” x 1.625” diameter enclosure TUBE and is spaced by Ihe O-RING. This scheme shock mounts the Ira nsducer and secures it in place

Transducer is wired as shown in set Fig 26-5

Figure 26-6 Final view showing a reflector

the distance of the 1 X 1" metal flat plate relative to the transducer face, noting an increase in the signal. This effect will occur at half-wave multiples with the most pronounced being closest to the face. Use your own ingenuity in retrofitting this simple step.

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