Sarkozy has again proposed a "tax on the Google"

Sarkozy has again proposed a "tax on the Google"Internet giants have to pay tax on online advertising French budget. On this, as reported by Agence France-Presse, President Nicolas Sarkozy said in an interview with Le Point.

According to the President, in the event of his re-election, he will seek taxation of Internet companies not only in France but throughout the European Union. "It is unacceptable that companies that receive billions of euros in revenue in France, do not pay taxes on this income," — said the president.

Earlier, Sarkozy has already given the order to examine the possibility of introducing a so-called "tax on Google". The proposal came after repeated complaints of media companies that major Internet portals earn by selling advertising space, using their content, particularly news. The Ministry of Culture of France initiated the bill on the new tax on online advertising by offering to send the funds to support local writers, musicians and publishers.

Google then denounced the initiative, saying that Internet companies are creating thousands of jobs, and this decision will only slow down innovation. In June 2011, the French parliament rejected the draft. Lawmakers explained that charging tax on profits of foreign Internet companies could set a precedent, and in the end hurt the French company that developed the web.