I wish to express thanks to the employees of Infor­mation Unlimited and Scientific Systems Research Laboratories for making these projects possible.

Their contributions range from many helpful ideas to actual prototype assembly. Special thanks go out to department heads Rick Upham, general manager in charge of the lab and shop and layout designer;

Sheryl Upham, order processing and control; Joyce Krar, accounting and administration; Walter Koschen, advertising and system administrator; Chris Upham, electrical assembly department; Al (Big Al) Watts, fabrication department; Sharon Gordon, outside assembly; and all the technicians, assemblers, and general helpers at our facilities in New Hampshire, Florida, and Hong Kong that have made these endeavors possible.

Also not to be forgotten is my wife Lucy, who has contributed so much with her support and under­standing of my absence due to long hours in front of the computer necessary for preparing this manu­script.

I wish to acknowledge the contributions, including the front cover material, of Durlin Cox of Resonance Research in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Resonance Research is a supplier of large, museum-quality, elec­trical display devices.

My gratitude goes to Tim Ventura of American Gravities and his contributions to the lifter craft tech­nology found in Chapter 1 “Antigravity Project.”

Finally, I would like to thank Zarir Sholapura of Zeonics and his contributions to high-voltage and high-energy research.


Special Notes

General Information

All projects in this book have been built and tested in our laboratories at Information Unlimited/Scientific Systems. The gadgets perform as described. Builders having difficulties may contact our technical help department.

Part Sources

Most parts are readily available through electronic supply houses, electrical supply houses, and hard­ware/builder supply outlets. Certain specialized and proprietary parts such as transformers, capacitors, printed circuit boards (PCB), tooled fabrication, and optical parts are manufactured in our shops. They are indicated with database numbers on the parts list and must be obtained by email or through our web site at www. amazingl. com. Without these special items, many of these projects would not be possible. Advanced builders may attempt substitution with the risk of reduced performance or failure.


Several projects are noted as being dangerous electri­cally, kinetically, and optically. Such projects must not be attempted unless the builder is experienced in his or her related field. Safety is stressed with all neces­sary compliances required for the trade.

Labeling is shown as required if the finished prod­uct is being offered to the trade. Labels are available and should be used if your project is to be exposed or demonstrated to the public.

Unfortunately, many scientific devices must use dangerous parameters to properly produce the desired target effects.

Printed Circuit Boards

Some projects are shown using PCB. They may also be built on vector or circuit boards. Attempt to follow the layout as shown when transposing component locations and wire routing.

Project Origins

Some of the devices shown are fall-out technology acquired from our project contracts as performed for the government and other related agencies. Others are the result of our own research efforts. We are con­stantly engaged in research for the trade and in many interesting research and development programs.

Other Available Options

Most of the projects are available as partial or com­plete kits and may be laboratory assembled upon request.

Our offshore assembly operation can competi­tively supply all types of specialty transformers, coils, and power supplies in volume for the trade.

Our engineering services specialize in high-voltage power supplies, shock and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) pulsers, Marx impulse generators, and all related components.

Contact Us

Information Unlimited Phone Number: 603-673-6493 Fax Number: 603-672-5406 Web site: www. amazingl. com Email: riannini@metro2000.net

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