Radio Propagation in a Magnetized Plasma

Before proceeding with a discussion of the Appleton (mag — netoionic) equations, we need to define two quantities con­tained explicitly in the equations. The first is v, the number of collisions per second (collision frequency) between electrons and heavier particles (ions and neutrals). Another quantity, the gyromagnetic frequency or gyrofrequency, is the natural frequency (Hz) of gyration of an ion or electron in a magnetic field of strength B0 (Wb/m2) and is given by





h (f) —


l(f, z)

where z is the true height, Zmax is the maximum height reached by the frequency f, and n is the refractive index at Zmax for the frequency f. A good discussion of the relation be­tween true height and virtual height is given in Ref. 19.

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