Pain Field Property-Protection Guard

Pain Field Property-Protection Guard

Figure 28-1 Phaser property protection guard

This chapter otfers an excellent home — and property — protection project when properly built that provides a low-liability deterrent to unauthorized intrusion from both two — and four-legged threats. Once activated, strategically placed transducers project an uncomfort­able and disorientating field of complex acoustical sound and shockwaves. It is a harmless effect yet dis­courages most intrusions in a defined area.

A reasonably simple electronic system can power up to eight individual transducer emitters positioned in the target area (see Figure 28-1). Activation can be an open or closed fault switch or a voltage level such as that produced by our laser property guard described in Chapter 12.‘‘Laser Property-Protection Fence.” Together these projects can be interfaced to produce an effective intrusion detection and deter­rent system. Expect to spend $50 to $100 with hard — to-find parts available at www. amazingl. com. The complete parts list is outlined in Table 28-1.

Warning: Do not operate this system at continuous, high output at frequencies below 20 kHz. Daily sound pressure exposures in excess of 1 hour at 105 decibels (db) may lead to hearing impairment. When properly used, this device provides a limited liability deterrent. It should not cause permanent damage or trauma.

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