Google Glass hazardous to health

Google Glass hazardous to healthGoogle has warned that its innovative glasses can be hazardous to health. They are wearing can lead to headaches and vision loss. Therefore, the company does not assume any responsibility if they will be used by children under 13 years.

Google on our support website reported that she was in a period of time will return the money for the points, if their owner will experience discomfort or blurred vision. As for the use of glasses kids, then Google does not allow their children to wear up to 13 years, not only because of the possibility of reduced vision, but also because they can break the device and get hurt on it.

World celebrates the freedom of the Internet

World celebrates the freedom of the InternetInternational organization "Reporters without Borders" (Reporters Without Borders) March 12, 2008 held the first day of free speech on the Internet (Online Free Expression Day) under the patronage of UNESCO, to draw public attention to the issue of free access to the World Wide Web around the world.

"Reporters Without Borders" — an international non-governmental organization for the protection of human rights protected by the freedom of expression around the world. It was founded in Paris (France) in 1985. The task of the organization — to fight against censorship, for the release of the journalists who have suffered because of their professional activities.

Each year the organization publishes its own list of "enemies of the Internet" (Internet Enemies).

On the very first day of free speech on the Internet March 12, 2008, "Reporters Without Borders" inviting people to visit the organization's website to protest against censorship, which some abuse the government, and to demand more rights for Internet users.

What will be the smart phone of the future?

What will be the smart phone of the future?During the first ten years of the XXI century mobile phones have become smarter, got powerful processors and operating systems. Actually, most of the new phones communication devices can be called a stretch, since it is only one of many functions.

In 2000, the company has named Ericsson smartphones such devices, ie smart phones. In 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone, showing how to look perfect smartphone decades. Since then, the touch screen touchscreen and intuitive graphical interface has become an integral part of smartphones.

Google has opened an online bookstore eBooks

Google has opened an online bookstore eBooksBooks purchased by users in the online store Google eBooks, is stored in a personal cloud storage. Get access to your library, you can from any device with Internet access.

December 6 Google launched an online bookstore eBooks. This is IT-company said in a blog post.

To make a purchase in a store, you must have an account with Google. Purchased books are stored in the cloud, which means that every customer has a personal online library, access to which can be accessed from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and so on. E-reader Kindle, released online retailer Amazon, in the list, however, is not.

11 clean technology innovation that can change the world

11 clean technology innovation that can change the worldResourcefulness is the key to success

It seems that the development of clean technologies each year is growing exponentially. The following eco-friendly technology, inventions can compete with their conventional counterparts, and in some cases exceed them. This is a reminder that the only thing that connects us with the old, less environmentally friendly technologies — is the lack of ingenuity. We offer the most acquainted with the list of new clean technologies to fight for the well-being of our planet.