Monkey and Circles

Google+ has launched successfully, but not too meaningful

Running a social network Google+, which has become known to a wider public network in late June, has already managed to cause a lot of conflicting emotions. From a crazy race for an invite in the first days occurred shortly before the rhetorical questions such as «Why should I?» and irritation of the endless notifications, you will cover your favorite Google-mail. In light of this, it is unclear whether the success of the launch Google+ real or only virtual.

Of course, the new project has caused much greater response from users than those previous attempts Google socialize its audience as Wave or Buzz. The euphoria around initially closed registration and distribution of a limited number of invitations perfectly illustrates at least the fact that at some point in Google+ invites started selling on eBay. Members, by hook or by crook finally got the coveted invite, went inside and immediately came to the delight of effectively draw a circle, where you can drag the mouse friends, relatives and acquaintances.

And was soon discovered a loophole. Despite officially closed «due to the huge boom» registration, Google+ could invite friends by adding them to one of your Circles, and then leaving the status message to this Circle. Everyone to whom the message was intended, will automatically receive an invite. Thus, the audience for a few hours of service has increased several times — was among Google+ users, for example, much of the wording «Heathcliff» because everyone was proud and happy to share happiness with others.

A little later, it turned out that, in fact, apart from effectively executed in Google+ Circles watch while especially not on that. Content with friends accustomed to sharing through Facebook, and a test version of «plus» also still occasionally buggy. You can only add to her furiously in circles more and more friends and family, but this inspiring first process quickly becomes boring.

Many highly amused by the fact that the most popular Google+ user in the first days of its existence was Mark Zuckerberg — the founder of the world’s largest social network Facebook. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Zuckerberg registered Google+, in general, is not — who does not like him to be the most interesting to look at the long-awaited brainchild of top competitors. But funny that the number of users who added it to the wheels, Zuckerberg outperformed its peers and rivals Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Some even call the new product from Google «killer Facebook», although until the preconditions for this are not too obvious. However, the concern on the part of Zuckerberg and company because of the spectacular startup competitors definitely present. Knowingly of Facebook hastily dipped all advertising Google+, in particular, all paid advertisements placed a web developer Michael Lee Johnson (Michael Lee Johnson), who offered other Facebook users add it to Circles on Google+.

Johnson explained that his ads were removed due to the fact that some of them broke the rules of advertising to Facebook. What exactly are the rules violated Johnson, in the official notification was not specified, but a number of specialized media said that in the user agreement regarding advertising spelled out the possibility of failure, if the administration of Facebook finds that the ad contains advertising or competitive products or services may have a negative impact on their own business .

This, of course, to prevent private invitations to Google+ via Facebook guide the world’s largest social network is not able — to censor users’ status would be too somehow not comme il faut. Meanwhile, messages like «I do not know why I do, but here’s my page in Google+» have become quite popular among users of Twitter and Facebook. This is understandable — what else can be ways to distribute information about themselves in 2011?

In general, to assess the prospects awaited brainchild of Google is not easy. On the one hand, the shares of the corporation shortly after the launch of Google+ significantly jumped in price — just 12 percent in a single day. Even taking into account the fact that optimism was associated not so much with the launch of «plus», but with the publication of the quarterly report of the company, it must be recognized — without successful start this document would not have made such a positive impression.

Another obvious success — in less than a month service has attracted more than 10 million users who continue to enthusiastically send invites to friends. There could unwittingly begins to doubt whether all these prohibitions for our invites and the subsequent leakage of truly random, or is it a subtle marketing game I gladly took up users, avid for all exclusive.

On the other hand, the most important thing for the newly converted members Google+ is still a question: «Why?» Many of them already have a Facebook, so you can share news, photos and interesting links. There is a Google Mail with chat (including group), which can add friends, also possessing an account on Google, post photos in your profile and change the status. In a sense, this is the social network that people have long been accustomed. As for Google+, then beautifully painted wheels and really impressive, but what to do with them next, absolutely incomprehensible. Feel something, herself a heroine fable «The Monkey and glasses.»

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