Microblog Sweden gave citizens

Microblog Sweden gave citizensOfficial Twitter-Account of Sweden handed over ordinary citizens, who will alternate in the role of its "curators." The action began on December 10, but the media found out about it only on December 16.

Each "curator" has access to the profile of the week, according to the website of the project. Its creators, the Swedish Institute and the travel agency VisitSweden, believe that in this way will represent the country on all sides.

Project developers have assumed that getting access to your account, people would advise readers to interesting facts, places and events in Sweden. However, the first "curator" profile, which became Jack Werner (Jack Werner), published in the main messages of a personal nature, sometimes not quite correct.

December 19 account went to Hassan Ramik (Hasan Ramic), a native of Bosnia. According to him, which are listed on the project site, he lives in a suburb of Stockholm, in which "sees more black people than white." So he is going to talk mainly about the "colored" side of Sweden.

At the time of writing, the account has more than 12,000 subscribers, and most of the reports published in the English language. The Swedish Institute is a public institution dedicated to the dissemination of information about Sweden. In late May 2007, the organization opened a representative of the country in the game "Second Life".

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