Mark Zuckerberg is included in the presidential race

Mark Zuckerberg is included in the presidential raceSocial network Facebook has announced a political action committee. This authority will allow employees to provide financial support to U.S. political parties and candidates for governor and U.S. presidents. Facebook filed a corresponding request to the Federal Election Commission of the United States. This step fits into the overall strategy of the company to strengthen its lobbying resources.

In a statement, Facebook in connection with the decision to create a political action committee (PAC) says that it is "the voice of the social network of employees in the political process will be heard." They will be able to "support those candidates who share the goals" of the company, namely, "to promote the importance of innovation for the U.S. economy, and make the world more open and interconnected."

According to U.S. law, corporations can not provide direct financial support to political parties and presidential candidates. But such support can have political action committees. Through them, the company may list up to thousands of individual candidate for governor and president, or to thousands each year the national committee of any political party. These funds are replenished by voluntary donations of employees.

By creating such a committee, to be called FB PAC, Facebook strengthens ties with the policy, not least in anticipation of the adoption of new, more stringent requirements for the protection of personal data and privacy. In addition, the company continues to expand its presence in Washington.

Thus, over the last few months the ranks of managers Facebook replenished several prominent Washington's figures. In June, former press secretary to President Bill Clinton Joe Lockhart was appointed Vice-President, Global Communications Facebook. In the same month, the former deputy head of the administration of President George W. Bush, Joel Kaplan led the Washington office Facebook. In addition, in September, the director of the interaction with government agencies became Louisa Terrell, a former special assistant to the president before Barack Obama on legislative issues. In addition, Facebook does not spare funds for lobbying. In 2009, the company has spent on this 7 thousand, in 2010 — already one thousand and one only for the first half of this year — 0 thousand