Is published authorized biography of Steve Jobs

Is published authorized biography of Steve JobsIn the Monday, October 24, will be released authorized biography of Steven Paul Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson in many ways with the words of co-founder of Apple.

The basis of the 630-page book is based on more than forty interviews, taken over the past two years. The publication contains many unknown details about his personal life and business dealings of Mr. Jobs, who died on October 5.

Edition of the "New York Times" received a copy of the book a few days before it came out and deducted the following.

In October 2003, Jobs said that, according to the CT scan, he diagnosed with cancer. One of the first to whom he then called, was a physician and epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, later headed the direction of charitable corporation Google. They were old friends, and met for the first time in an Indian ashram.

"Do you still believe in God?" – Said Jobs. Mr. Brilliant spoke for a while about religion, about the different ways to faith, and then asked what was the matter. "I have cancer," – said Jobs.

Apple CEO postponing surgery nine months (first wrote about it in 2008, the magazine Fortune), despite the entreaties of friends and family. But Jobs preferred to be treated fruit juices, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other things, details of which he found on the internet. His friend and mentor, Andrew Grove – the former head of Intel, which beat prostate cancer – admits: "I told him he was crazy." Up until July 2004, when the operation did take place, Jobs hid the disease from the staff of Apple, executives and shareholders.

As a result, Steve Jobs decided to trust the science, he did it with all his characteristic passion and curiosity, sparing no expense and contributing to the development of new treatments. He became one of only twenty people in the world, which at that time were sequenced all the sequences of cancerous and normal DNA. This procedure was carried out a team of scientists from Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins University and the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This allowed doctors to tailor their Enron drugs and target them to the relevant molecular pathways.

Physician Jobs promised that this innovative treatment will soon become the majority of cancers in manageable chronic disease. Later, Jobs told Isaacson that he will be either one of the first to win this type of cancer, or one of the last to die from it.

The author notes that his conversations with Jobs occasionally punctuated by music sessions: on the iPad 2 that sounded "The Beatles", the Gregorian chants, the fugues of Bach, then Donovan. It was a love of music and friendship with musicians helped Jobs build directory and issue special iTunes version of your iPod. He took with Yo-Yo Ma promise to play at his funeral.

The book contains new details about the business side of the life of Steve Jobs. It turns out, for example, that he quarreled with three sheets to the founders of "Google" Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2008 when they decided to promote the rival iPhone – platform "Android". Jobs told Isaacson that he considered the "android", "stolen product." According to him, guglovtsy simply copied technology Apple.

A few words about his personal life. Steve Jobs knew how to love, but can not say that he was lucky with women. In 1985, he met a computer consultant Tina Reds. They then lived together, then went home, until in 1989 he proposed to her. She refused, confessing to friends that the person is able to drive her crazy.

Later, he fell in love with Lauren Powell, a former trader of Goldman Sachs. Soon after she moved in with him. On the first day of 1990, he proposed to her, but had not thought about the wedding a few months. In September, her patience was over – and she left. In October, Jobs gave her a diamond ring, and they met again. In the end, the wedding took place.

The book says little about the legendary yacht that Jobs himself started designing in 2009. The ship was to have a minimalist design. Its main feature – the glass bead length of 12 meters built his Dutch company Feadship.

In the spring of last year, Jobs began meeting people whom he wanted to see before you die. One of them was Bill Gates, who visited Palo Alto in May. They talked for three hours. By the time Gates has shifted focus from corporation "Microsoft" on its own charitable foundation. Jobs told Isaacson that he had never seen him so happy. Friends and rivals talked about family life, children. Both laughed at the fact that his wife believe their half-crazed …

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