In the United States earned a free elektrozapravki on solar energy

In the United States earned a free elektrozapravki on solar energyAmerican manufacturer of electric cars Tesla Motors has launched in the U.S. network stations elektrozapravochnyh called Supercharger, powered by solar energy. At the same time they Model S sedan owners will be able to refuel their cars free of charge for an unlimited period of time.

At the moment stations are located in California, Nevada and Arizona. At these gas stations are installed 440-volt fast charging system, developed by Tesla. For half an hour they can charge the battery to a level sufficient to drive about 240 miles. On a full refueling from a household 240-volt network Model S sedan takes about eight hours.

The equipment needed for ultra-fast charging stations, supplied as standard equipment for the modification of Model S battery with a capacity of 85 kilowatt-hours. As an option, it is available for a 60-kilowatt versions.

In the future elektrozapravki Tesla will appear on the major highways of the United States throughout the country, which will allow machines to stamp free recharge on the way from New York to Los Angeles from Miami to Montreal and from San Diego to Vancouver.

In the second half of 2013, these stations will be opened in Europe and Asia.

In the United States earned a free elektrozapravki on solar energy

At the moment, Tesla's lineup consists of a sedan Model S. It is available in several versions with lithium batteries of different capacities: the basic version allows you to pass 256 kilometers without refueling, and the top-end 480 kilometers. The next year the company will launch a series of seven-passenger crossover Model X.

Tesla Motors American car company, a startup in Silicon Valley, focused on the production of electric vehicles. Named in honor of world-renowned physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

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