In Poland, there were mass demonstrations against Internet censorship

In Poland, there were mass demonstrations against Internet censorshipMore than ten thousands of Poles took to the campaign against Internet censorship, According to BBC News. On Wednesday, January 25, demonstrations took place in several Polish cities, including Warsaw.

The discontent of the protesters called the government’s plans to sign a trade agreement to combat counterfeiting (The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, ACTA), which is positioned as an international instrument on the protection of intellectual property. This contract is criticized supporters of the free Internet, as it will force providers to report violations of copyright by users, and customs officials will give the right to inspect the computers with the alleged pirated content.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that he would not give in to «blackmail» the demonstrators. However, he stressed that disgruntled had enough time to speak to the approval of the agreement by the Polish Parliament.

Meanwhile Wiadamosci24 reports that the Polish ambassador to Japan Jadwiga Rodowicz (Jadwiga Rodowicz) has already left his signature on a document, it is having on the powers of the government. At a ceremony held in Tokyo on January 26, the document signed by the ambassadors and other EU countries, except Cyprus, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Estonia and Germany. Once the document is accepted by all EU member states, it will be the ratification procedure in the European Parliament. Earlier, an agreement was supported by the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and four other countries.

January 22 sites of the Diet and Prime Minister Tusk’s been cyber attack, the cause of which were exactly the authorities’ plans to join the ACTA. Shortly before the attack, the threat to the Polish government acted hacker group Anonymous.

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