In Berlin, arrested a gang of Russian hackers

In Berlin, arrested a gang of Russian hackersIn Berlin, arrested a gang of hackers who hacked into bank accounts of customers and wrote off the money from them. During the raid police seized six suspects, three of whom — the Russians, one — German with Russian roots, as well as a citizen of Israel. Citizenship of the sixth detainee until set, writes Berliner Morgenpost.

To catch a hacker, the police conducted on Tuesday, October 25 searches in 11 apartments in different areas of Berlin. For further seven alleged gang members under investigation.

Hackers suspected of hacking into computers using a Trojan. This allowed them to get the data bank account from which they then removed large amounts. The money from compromised accounts transferred to the first 40 specially created by some accounts — "financial agents". Their goal, apparently, was to cash the stolen funds and transfer them to the main members of the gang.

According to police, the gang operated in Germany since the end of 2009. During this time, they could cause damage to more than one thousand people. In total, they stole from the accounts of such banking customers more than 1.3 million euros.