In Bavaria, found the remains of a dinosaur in excellent condition

In Bavaria, found the remains of a dinosaur in excellent conditionPaleontologists have discovered the remains of a dinosaur "record" sound, according to Der Spiegel. On the discovery was announced at a press conference in Munich.

Preservation of the skeleton is 98 percent. Length yet unnamed predator when life expectancy was about 72 centimeters. According to scientists, this is an adult individual — this is indicated by the ratio of the proportions of the skeleton. It is planned that the slab of limestone, together with the skeleton will be on display at the museum for a few days.

The find was made several years ago in Bavaria and came to an undisclosed private collection. Later, however, the Raptor transferred to the state. Scientists point out that as a result of fossilization lizard skeleton was strongly compressed, so its three-dimensional structure as a whole is unknown.

In mid-September 2011 in the journal Science published a work in which the scientists described fragments of feathers found in amber. These feathers are likely to belong to dinosaurs. Age of amber samples ranged from 70 to 85 million years old.

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