Hackers attacked the website of European Parliament

Hackers attacked the website of European ParliamentEuropean Parliament's website was unavailable in the evening on January 26 as a result of DDoS-attacks.

According to the representative office, which results in the publication The New Europe, the resource has not been broken in the near future access will be restored. At the time of writing, the site, located on the third level domain (europarl.europa.eu) remained inaccessible, while the second-level domain — europa.eu — functioned normally.

Attack occurred just hours after signing Poland Trade Agreement on Combating Counterfeiting (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, ACTA), toughens measures against pirate sites. As pointed out by The Inquirer, only an agreement signed by 22 European countries, and it will come into force after the discussion in the European Parliament.

On the eve of the signing of the agreement in the Twitter-account hacker movement Anonymous warning appears without direct threats: "Wait for us." In this regard, The New Europe calls performer attack representatives Anonymous. However, in the microblogging movement has not yet appeared neither confirmed nor denied this information.

Earlier it was reported that Anonymous attacked Polish government websites in protest against ACTA. Also, representatives of the movement claimed responsibility for the attacks on the websites of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance of Ireland. The Irish authorities were planning to take their anti-piracy law, but after hacking attacks and collecting more than 40 thousand signatures on the online petition announced plans to soften the bill.

Anonymous is not a formal organization, in connection with which some persons posing as representatives of the movement, may declare an attack on some resources, and others — to refute these allegations. This was the situation around the person appointed by Anonymous attack on the social network Facebook. Later, a number of blogs that are relevant to the motion, there were reports that Anonymous is not going to attack the resource.