Google has opened an online bookstore eBooks

Google has opened an online bookstore eBooksBooks purchased by users in the online store Google eBooks, is stored in a personal cloud storage. Get access to your library, you can from any device with Internet access.

December 6 Google launched an online bookstore eBooks. This is IT-company said in a blog post.

To make a purchase in a store, you must have an account with Google. Purchased books are stored in the cloud, which means that every customer has a personal online library, access to which can be accessed from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and so on. E-reader Kindle, released online retailer Amazon, in the list, however, is not.

The amount of storage allocated to the user is not limited.

Booksellers appear as herself Google, and individual shops and publishing houses such as, Powell’s Books, Alibris, or the American Booksellers Association. Some of the books free of charge.

Now to make purchases in the store only allows users from the United States. In 2011, Google promised to connect to the store a few countries.