Google Glass hazardous to health

Google Glass hazardous to healthGoogle has warned that its innovative glasses can be hazardous to health. They are wearing can lead to headaches and vision loss. Therefore, the company does not assume any responsibility if they will be used by children under 13 years.

Google on our support website reported that she was in a period of time will return the money for the points, if their owner will experience discomfort or blurred vision. As for the use of glasses kids, then Google does not allow their children to wear up to 13 years, not only because of the possibility of reduced vision, but also because they can break the device and get hurt on it.

In addition care must be taken when operating a motor vehicle or bicycle glasses. Even if a country's laws do not prohibit their use in such situations, the Internet giant calls to be especially careful while driving in the glasses. Interestingly, caution, according to Google, you need to exercise and during sports or physical labor, especially when surrounded by other people because in this case the points can go wrong and, again, to harm the health of the owner and the people nearby. It is also forbidden to dive into the water in the glasses, as they are not designed for "water treatment."

Recall first glasses were presented last year. Last month, the first version of their (so-called. Explorer Edition) were able to purchase 800. The cost was $ 1,500 devaysa. Points allow you to shoot photos and video, use the navigation, and send / receive SMS-message, or search the Internet (when connected to the Android-based smartphone by Bluetooth).

It is expected that the mass market Google Glass will fall next year.