Google Chrome has become the most popular browser in the world

Google Chrome has become the most popular browser in the worldChrome browser bypassed Internet Explorer from Microsoft and has become the most popular among users all over the world, according to StatCounter. Microsoft does not agree with the method of calculation of the company.

Chrome browser share in mid-March for the first time surpassed that of its main competitor Internet Explorer, from the data service statistics StatCounter. The share of Chrome was 32,7%, Internet Explorer 32,48%. At the 3rd place with a share of the browser Firefox 25.83%. Chrome beat his rival in Asia in early March, in Europe on the last weekend in Africa, he took 2nd place after Firefox, but also bypassed Internet Explorer. In North America, according to StatCounter, Internet Explorer is still in the lead, but Chrome beat Firefox to become the second most popular browser. It is about daily audience of browsers used on desktop computers.

In Russia bypassed by popularity Chrome Internet Explorer in September 2011 Now, according to StatCounter, Chrome is the most popular browser in RuNet with a share of 29.7%. The share of Firefox 25,41%, Opera 22,39%, Internet Explorer 20%. Microsoft's browser share will continue to fall and the world, and in Russia, predicts the founder of service statistics Liveinternet German Klimenko. This will happen as long as Microsoft Internet Explorer does not like Chrome: easy and fast browser, he said. According to Klimenko, Microsoft should highlight the development of the browser and search in a separate business. According Liveinternet, Chrome in RuNet leader with a share of 20%, while Internet Explorer holds the 4th place with a share of 16.9%.

A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment. But previously the director of marketing for Microsoft's Internet Explorer development Kapriotti Roger wrote in his blog that the company does not agree with the methodology StatCounter and more confidence in estimates of Net Applications. When a user searches for information through Google Chrome, the browser in the background opens a tab with the search results, he says. If the information is found, the background tabs are closed, but StatCounter takes them into account in the calculation of interest. Net Applications does not account for the background tab, and, according to its information, Internet Explorer browsers the world leader with a share of 52.8%, on the 2nd place Firefox with a share of 20.9%. The share of Chrome 18,9%.