Google Android was going to make a stylish as the iPhone

Google Android was going to make a stylish as the iPhoneGoogle has published a guide for creating beautiful Applications for Android. Therefore, the company aims to solve one of the prominent problems of its platform — the lack of a unified style.

With the latest version of the operating system Android — Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) — Google for the first time seriously attended to design mobile applications that users install on their smartphones. The company intends to solve one of the most prominent problems platform for which it is often criticized for — lack of stylistic unity of mobile applications.

To do this, the vendor has opened a special Internet portal called Android Design, containing the guideline developer in appearance applications. It describes the main principles that guided the designers when creating a Google ICS, describes the structure of the interface in a variety of applications on different devices (for example, should look like the mail application on the smartphone and tablet).

The second section focuses on the technical aspects. These include: the problem of the diversity of devices, when developers need to take into account different screen resolutions, types, colors and sizes are used in the system and applications, fonts, icons and design ways to respond to pressing virtual buttons on the screen.

In the last two sections on bricks Google parses Android 4.0 interface, From the look of buttons and new gestures and ending backward compatible with Android 3.0.

This manual, the use of which application developers for Android is on their personal discretion. This chapter explains how to make great applications for small and large devices, — stated in the announcement of the portal.

Reading the manual as a whole gives the impression that Google seeks to encourage developers to create applications that will be great fun to work with them and force the user to hold for mobile applications (for example, the program iGo for Android) longer.

Announced in October 2011 Platform Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) includes significantly redesigned graphical user interface and many new features. Google has already launched its first branded smartphone based on ICS — Galaxy Nexus. Many mobile phone manufacturers have announced plans to upgrade the firmware for their devices to Android 4.0 at the beginning of this year.

It is worth noting that similar design guideline for apple mobile devices have existed from the time when the third party will have the opportunity to write programs for the iPhone — from 2008