German police became interested in the new action Anonymous

German police became interested in the new action AnonymousGerman police began checking against hackers from the group Anonymous, WDR reports, citing a police Dusseldorf Shoyl Frank (Frank Scheulen). The charges stemmed from hackers campaign to combat child pornography. Hackers post on campaign appeared on YouTube.

Anonymous hacked sites that host illegal content, and then publish open data about visitors to those pages. In particular, their names appeared on the Internet and e-mail addresses.

A police spokesman said that the methods that hackers are illegal, because they publish private information. In this case, the police themselves admit that they use data from Anonymous, to combat child pornography.

The representative of the Union for the Protection of children in North Rhine-Westphalia Huksol Martina (Martina Huxoll) criticized the methods of Anonymous. She noted that it would be better if they achieved the same result by legal means, and in this case they actually had a lynching. However, the positive effect, in her opinion, their share is still there: this issue will attract more attention.

In late 2011, Anonymous has already organized a similar campaign, and through the forum Pirate Party. As a result, site of "Pirates" was blocked, as the members of the party have submitted a statement to the police on the distribution of illegal content.