German inventors build a farm in the middle of the city

German inventors build a farm in the middle of the cityEntrepreneurs from Germany are planning to create a kind of a farm in the center of the city. To do this, they are going to use the building of the old Malt, writes Cnews.

On the roof, an area of 7 thousand square meters, built a high-tech industrial akvaponny garden, and in the former workshops — a fish factory.

Despite urbanization, food and more are grown in the fields, and then delivered to the stores for a long time. Modern technology can help simplify the process.

FAQ: Akvaponika — combined production of plants and fish in a closed cycle, thus reducing costs and produce high-quality environmentally friendly products in a small area. Relies on the natural relationship between the aquatic animals and plants, which is very favorable for the preservation of the environment.

The system consists of two containers stacked. In the lower container will live fish in a tank top to grow plants. Water the plants will be supplied with a submersible pump (pump).

The waste products of fish contain nutrients for the plants, but are toxic to the fish themselves. Plants absorb these substances, providing them with the necessary power and thus purify water for fish (and thus the plants grow more vigorously fish). The treated water is returned to the fish, and then the cycle repeats. Soil for the plants used in this case the most common ceramic or gravel.

Because plants and expanded clay act as a biological filter. In this connection we can increase the amount of fish in the tank contents without the risk of disease or food poisoning activity. Water is added only to the extent of absorption plants, evaporation in air or removing biomass from the system.

Fish waste are an excellent natural fertilizer for vegetables or flowers. Significantly increased productivity and accelerated ripening of the fruit. In tomatoes grown on akvaponike, the nitrate content is usually less than five to ten times that of top soil, and the taste and the flavor is not inferior.