General Information on Ultrasonics

Numerous requests have been made for information on the effect of these devices on people.

None of these devices have the ability to stop a person with the same effect as a gun, club, or more conventional weapon. They will, however, produce an extremely uncomfortable, irritating, and sometimes painful effect in most people. Not everyone will expe­rience this effect to the same degree. As stated, young women are much more affcctcd than older men due to being more acoustically sensitive. The range of the

General Information on Ultrasonics

Figure 28-9 Controls and hookup instructions

General Information on Ultrasonics

General Information on Ultrasonics

devices depends on many variables and is normally somewhere between 10 and 100 feet from the trans­ducers.

One possible use of the device (that deserves care­ful consideration) is for all Ihe transducers to protect

an area from unauthorized intrusion. This approach is excellent for protecting target areas such as jewelry boxes, gun cabinets, and safes and vaults. Normal use is to place each transducer to cover a given area.

Table 28-1 Phaser pain field property guard parts

Ref. # Qty. Description DB#

R1,6.8, 7 IK, 7-i-watt resistor (br-blk-red)

R2/S2 500K pot and switch

R3 2.2K,1 Л-wait resistor (red-rcd-red)

R4.5 2 10K.’/-i-walt resistor (br-blk-or)

R7 10-ohm. ‘Л-watt resistor (br-blk-blk)

R9/S1 10K pot and switch

RIO 5 К trimmer resistor

R11 470-ohm, ‘/4-watt resistor (yel-pur-br) Ohms

R13.14. t5.16 4 .47-ohm, 3-watt resistor ^yel-pur-sil)

R17A and В 120-ohm, 1-watl resistor (br-rcd-br)

R22,23.24 З 39K. ‘/«-watt resistor (or-wh-or)

Cl,4 2 .01 mfd, 50-voU disc capacitor

C? 10 mfd. 25-volt electrolytic capacitor

C? 100 mfd. 25-volt electrolytic capacitor

C5 .033 mfd, 50-volt polyester capacitor

C6 1000 mfd, 25-vol (electrolytic capacitor

C9 22 mfd, 250-volt polypropylene capacitor

CIO, 11 2 .1 mfd. 50-volt polyester capacitor

LlAandB 2 1-millihenry .25-amp inductor 1U1MH

L2 1 – mil lihenry choke (see Figure 28-8) 1UIMF1PPC

ICt.2 2 555 DIP timer 1C

IC3 4001 Norgate complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) Dl P lC

1C4 4044 inverter/buffer CMOS dual in-line packagc integrated circuit

1 PN2907 GP PNP transisiOT

2 IRF540 power MOSFET T0220

Dl, 2,3 3 1N914 silicon diodes

LED Light-emilling diode

TD1,2,3.4 4 Polarized high-output ceramic transducers 1UMOTRAN

S4,5 2 Momentary pushbutton switches

J1.2,3,6 4 RCA chassis mount phono jacks

Pt. 2.3.6 4 RCA phono mating phono plugs

DCJ ACK 2.1 -millimeter DC jack

FI Fuse holder panel mount

LEDRET LED retainer hushing

Ref. # Qty. Description DB#


PBl Alternate 2- X З-inch. l-inch grid perforated vector board

HS1 Heatsink bracket fabricated as shown

SWI/NU1 6-32 x 3/a-inch screw and nut for HS1 attaching to Q2

SW2 4 #6 X 3/K-inch sheet metal screw for cover

FEE Г 4 /г-inch stick-on rubber feel

CHASSIS Metal chassis fabricated as shown

COVER Plastic cover to fit chassis

[1] Rotate R8/S2 about 30 degrees CW and note that the voltage reaches a higher value before deactivating.

[2] Place the unit in a brightly lit area and con­nect it to a 12-volt power supply or wall adapter. Point the unit to a light source and then place your hand over the aperture. The

[3] Fabricate the base section, BASE, from а З X З X .063 aluminum plate and drill a hole to mount the heat sink of Ql, a small hole for SW2 to mount the BK1 bracket, and a 3/*-inch clearance hole for the BUI bushing. Trial-fit

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