Gates confirmed talks with China on the construction of a nuclear reactor

Gates confirmed talks with China on the construction of a nuclear reactorOwned by Bill Gates TerraPower company is in talks with Chinese companies to develop a new generation of nuclear reactors, according to Associated Press.

Co-founder of Microsoft has confirmed that talks during a speech at the Ministry of Science and Technology of China on Wednesday, December 7. According to him, it is about creating a reactor that can run on depleted uranium. The advantages of such a reactor is the low cost of operation, safety and environmental friendliness. Gates also noted the stability of the reactor to external shocks, including the earthquake and tsunami.

Earlier on cooperation with Gates and his company said Sun Qin (Sun Qin), director general of the Chinese Nuclear Corporation CNNC. His words conveyed December 5 Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post.

Gates said that talks between TerraPower, the main investor of which he is, and Chinese companies now "are in the early stages." He estimated that in the next five years on the design and construction work can take up to one billion dollars.

In 2010 TerraPower agreed on the construction of a similar reactor with the Japanese company Toshiba. The two planned reactors are classified as TWR (traveling-wave reactor, a reactor with a traveling wave). Unlike "traditional" reactors with enriched fuel, TWR is using depleted uranium and can run on a "gas station" up to 60 years.

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