French court for the first time wrote a penalty for illegally downloading music

A French court has sentenced the first time internet user to pay a fine for violating the new law on protection of copyrights, reported on Thursday the French media.

The penalty was a resident of a small town in eastern France Lepyui — he was found guilty of downloading a few songs. According to the man, whose age is about forty years old, he is new to the job on the Internet, music downloads, and his ex-wife.

According to the court, the offender, who faced fines of up to 1.5 thousand euros, will be required to pay the amount of 150 euros.

In September 2009, the French parliament passed a law on the fight against illegal downloading of texts, music, and video from the Internet, which will disable the «pirates» of the web. By autumn 2010, the authorities set up a new mechanism to combat illegal downloading of data — Office for the Fight against Internet piracy (Hadopi), which is the main body of the Commission on the Protection of the Rights.

Keep track of information about the violation, the management aims to unscrupulous Internet users to e-mail alerts. For the first warning may be followed by the second, along with registered mail. After yet another violation of the users face fines and closure of access to the Internet for up to one year.

As of July 1, 2012, the first warnings were 1.15 million Internet users, repeat — over a hundred thousand people. Dossier on 340 people are at the third stage, the documents on 14 offenders — including resident Lepyui — were handed over to the prosecutor.

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