Freedom House: Freedom of the Internet is reduced

Freedom House: Freedom of the Internet is reducedThe human rights organization Freedom House notes the increasing pressure on freedom of expression on the Internet in the world.

Freedom House released a new report on the freedom of the Internet. According to the findings of the organization, the state of online freedom deteriorated in 2011 in Azerbaijan, Libya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka.

"New laws restrict freedom of speech in the world: in 19 of the 47 countries considered new laws passed in January 2011, or limit online freedom, violate the privacy of Internet users, or provide for the punishment of those who are objectionable or inappropriate content publishing. Bloggers and ordinary users of the Internet are increasingly faced with the pressure and the risk of arrest for political speech in the network. in 26 of 47 countries, including several democratic states, at least one blogger was arrested for publishing the content or text messaging "- the document says.

Also, according to Freedom House, in the world over the past year, the number of attacks on critics of the authorities in the different countries of the world. The report found that in 19 of the 47 countries bloggers and Internet users are disappeared, tortured, abused and beaten for speaking out on the Internet.

In today's Internet is increasing the number of organized Internet attacks and pro-government commentators who receive payment for their publication. In 19 countries over the past year have been fixed organized hacker attacks on government critics.

Freedom House notes that the Russian Internet continues to evolve and remains relatively free area.

"In Russia, the Internet is still relatively uncensorable platform for public debate. However, since 2011 the participation of numerous DDoS-attacks and campaigns aimed at denigrating online activists" – the report says.

Freedom House also criticized the authorities for the tradition of Iran, China and Egypt for the suppression of freedom of the Internet. In the United States, according to the organization, the freedom of the Internet is at the highest level, but attempts to pass a number of laws on the control of cyber-space cause some concern Freedom House, RIA Novosti reported.

Belarus – 37 place

Estonia, the U.S. and Germany have taken a leading position in the ranking of countries in terms of Internet freedom. According to human rights activists, Ukraine is in 12th place, Belarus – on the 37th.

As the authors of the report, the leader of the list of Estonia is now among the most technologically advanced countries in the world. The population there is available a variety of electronic services, such as "e-government", ITAR-TASS reported.

"Estonia has become an example of when the free access to the Internet has been a stimulus to the development of society" – according to the report. Over the past 20 years the number of users has grown exponentially. Freedom of speech, according to Freedom House, the Net is not broken, but Estonia has strict laws to protect private information.

In the United States, occupying the second place, access to the World Wide Web "is provided and controlled in practice by a small group of cable, television and telephone companies that own and operate the network infrastructure."

Although the United States remains one of the leaders in the number of connections, the speed of the Internet and the rates are sometimes worse than in other countries. Freedom of information out there is not broken, there are no filters. At the same time, the law is strictly prohibited child pornography, there are rules about the publication of personal information are protected by copyright.

Germany closes the top three. There is also a high level are the communications technology, developed mobile access. However, as noted in the text, in recent years, the government worried about blocking "harmful content", increased control by the police and security services.

The top ten also includes: Australia, Hungary, Italy, the Philippines, United Kingdom, Argentina and South Africa.

Worst of all, according to Freedom House, the situation is in Uzbekistan, Syria, China, Cuba and Iran. These countries close the list.

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