Examples of Radar Trackers

A police radar can determine the speed of the vehicle in the field of view of the radar by measuring the Doppler frequency of the return (echo) signal from the vehicle because the Doppler frequency is directly proportional to the vehicle’s velocity. Most police radars must track the Doppler frequency over a given period of time to ensure measurement. A missile guidance radar must continually track the target’s range, azimuth angle, and elevation angle in order to predict the future target position; thus, it is an example of a three-dimensional tracker. An airborne radar such as the APG-70 in the F15-E aircraft utilizes Doppler processing for clutter rejection, as well as range, azimuth angle, and elevation for target-tracking purposes, and is thus an example of a four-dimensional tracking radar. A phased-array radar must be capable of maintaining track simultaneously on multiple targets, while still scanning its field of regard for new targets.

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