European ISPs to filter traffic banned

European ISPs to filter traffic bannedEuropean Court of Justice has established November 24 that the ISPs do not have to filter user traffic. This was reported by Associated Press.

As pointed out by ZDNet, prohibition applies to direct traffic analysis, which is used in cases where the blocking of access to the most web resource does not give the desired effect. So now the providers are not able to "cut off" certain types of information transmitted, for example, the reception and transmission of files over p2p-protocol used by torrent-trackers.

The court's decision related to the submission in 2004 by SABAM, which represents the interests of Belgian writers and composers, the requirements of your local ISP Scarlet to prevent illegal file transfers its subscribers. Then a Belgian court sided with the rights holders by requiring Scarlet to install at its own expense a filtering system.

Now, however, the Court of Justice found that the analysis and filtering of user traffic is a violation of their privacy. However, as pointed out by The Register, is still allowed to restrict access to pirate sites by mutual agreement of the provider and owner.

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