Digital music has gone into growth

Digital music has gone into growthDigital music sales last year were up 8%, to 2 billion, which follows from the report of the International Federation of Music Publishers. However, because of the piracy market continued to fall.

On Monday, the International Federation of Music Publishers (IFPI) has released a report on the state of online music. According to the IFPI, a music sales last year were up 8%, to 2 billion, and the number of subscribers to music services has grown by 65%, to 13.4 million people around the world. In this case, the year 2011 for about 3.6 billion downloads as individual singles and albums. The leader in terms of revenue from online music, according to the IFPI, the record companies are China (71%), followed by South Korea (53%) and the U.S. (52%).

According to the report, it was promoted by the active expansion of music services such as iTunes (iTunes download) and Spotify, the new markets. If, as noted in the IFPI, in early 2011, international music services have been presented in 23 countries, is now present in 58 countries.

Nevertheless, begun in the late 90's market decline continued. In 2011, it amounted to 2 billion, while the previous year, 7 billion main reason for the fall of the market experts call piracy. Thus, according to IFPI and research company Nielsen, 28% a month, or a quarter of Internet users regularly visit unauthorized music sites and portals.

However, progress in the fight against piracy the music industry still does, albeit small. Last year's drop in the market of online music is not too great: in 2010, it fell by 8% compared with the previous year. Among the states that have made progress on a large, IFPI singles out European countries. The adoption in 2009 of the French law (the law HADOPI) the number of those who illegally download music, down 2 million people.

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