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Facebook filed for IPO

Social network Facebook Wednesday, February 1, has applied for an initial public offering (IPO), reports Agence France-Presse. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, it is expected that the IPO will take place this spring.

During the initial public offering, according to the documents sent to the Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission (US Securities and Exchange Commission), the company intends to raise $ 5 billion. If Facebook is able to achieve this goal, it will be the largest IPO in the history of Internet companies.

In Vilnius trolley is available for free to access the Internet

In Vilnius trolley is available for free to access the Internet15 In one of the Vilnius trolley routes leading into the campus "Sauletyake" Free Wi-Fi mobile internet.

According to the authors of the project — capital enterprise "Vilnyaus troleybusay" and TV Center — a free wireless connection in Vilnius trolley, for sure, will attract the attention of students, since they, along with pensioners, are the main public transport passengers in the capital of Lithuania. The project, which started in Vilnius at the end of September and will run until December 7, passengers will demonstrate the possibility of wireless zones in the vehicle: the Internet in this area can be joined with the help of computers and mobile phones, if they have an adapter WiFi. This technology is the fourth generation of mobile communication allows you to transfer huge amounts of data.

Zuckerberg took a housing loan at the rate for large Belarusian family

Zuckerberg took a housing loan at the rate for large Belarusian familyFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has renewed a mortgage, failing to achieve the banks a record annual interest rate 1.05%. Now billionaire in 30 years will have to repay a loan of U.S. $ 5,950,000 on the money Zuckerberg bought a new home in California, for which the second year in mortgage payments, according to Bloomberg.

Mark Zuckerberg has refinanced his mortgage to buy a mansion in California. Such interest rate is unlikely to exceed the rate of inflation. "When you can take a loan from the bank at a rate lower than inflation — it means that you borrow for free," — said a senior financial analyst at Bankrate Inc Greg McBride.

Amazon has ceased to provide hosting to Wikileaks

Amazon has ceased to provide hosting to WikileaksThe company Amazon, which is a world leader in the sale of goods and services through the Internet, ceased to provide hosting services controversial site Wikileaks.

This was stated by the head of the Internal Security Committee of the U.S. Senate Joe Lieberman, the details.

Earlier, the media reported that it was addressed to the Amazon team Wikileaks after the site was attacked by hackers. In the U.S. Senate decided to check this information, after which the statement was made Lieberman.

Representatives of the Amazon has not yet commented on the information spread by the senator.

Hackers posted a message about the explosions in the White House

Hackers posted a message about the explosions in the White HouseUnidentified attackers hacked Twitter agency Associated Press, published in him a message about the explosions in the White House.

Record is in the microblogging evening on April 23. It was reported that as a result of two explosions injuries to U.S. President Barack Obama. Shortly after this AP account was unavailable. Information that the published record does not correspond to reality, appeared in another microblog agency. There's also say that your account has been frozen in connection with burglary.

White House spokesman Jay Carney reiterated that the U.S. president is in good health. Eyewitnesses in Washington have also reported that there were no signs of explosions in the White House have not seen.