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French court for the first time wrote a penalty for illegally downloading music

A French court has sentenced the first time internet user to pay a fine for violating the new law on protection of copyrights, reported on Thursday the French media.

The penalty was a resident of a small town in eastern France Lepyui — he was found guilty of downloading a few songs. According to the man, whose age is about forty years old, he is new to the job on the Internet, music downloads, and his ex-wife.

According to the court, the offender, who faced fines of up to 1.5 thousand euros, will be required to pay the amount of 150 euros.

Cartoon about a race of lasers has become a leader to display the page "RUSNANO" on YouTube

Short promotional cartoon titled «Once upon a time two laser» for two weeks from the date of posting on YouTube scored nearly six thousand views. For this indicator, it has overtaken all the videos added by users to rosnano.

Cartoon, judging by the fact that in the end it appears as a link to the address «RUSNANO», was commissioned by the state corporation. It talks about how to live quietly solid and gas lasers, while their life is not a competitor — a flexible fiber laser. It is the most effective of all the lasers, although it seems unmanageable.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine admitted to piracy

A day after the closure of file-sharing service, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine admitted to using unlicensed software, including those owned by Microsoft.

Almost half of the software in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is not a license, said the head of the public relations department Vladimir Polishchuk. «Approximately 47% of the software in the ministry is not licensed. However, Microsoft has informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And now the company is in talks with the authorities on the legalization of software» — the words official «Ukrainian Truth».

Summed up the scientific results of 2011

Summed up the scientific results of 2011Nature magazine summed up in 2011: this time edition paid tribute not new, but just close this year research project, which for a long life became cult.

«The United States this year, lost three of its scientific character strength: the program» Space Shuttle «and the Tevatron particle collider are closed, and the term of patent protection on the best-selling drug in the world expired. But the year has also brought hope:» Arab Spring «, the development of low-cost vaccines for Africa, and the first clinical trials of therapeutic techniques based on the sequencing of the genome. However, the year was marred by the devastating earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami and the accident at the nuclear power plant «Fukushima», and also in connection with the ongoing financial crisis, the decline in funding of science, » — said in an article in Nature, which takes stock of 2011.

Twitter introduced a new mobile interface

Twitter introduced a new mobile interfaceTwitter introduced an updated version of the site interface for mobile phones.

New version for mobile microblogging service has been designed bearing in mind that access to the site and want to get those who use "regular" mobile phones (not smartphones or PDAs), prefers older browsers, and also connects to the Internet through a network of low capacity, said the company's official blog.

Thus, the holders of ordinary mobile phones have access to an updated version of Twitter, which was presented in December 2011 (when it was promised that the interface of a mobile and desktop version of the service will eventually be unified). Earlier at them was available only the old form of microblogging service.