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U.S. effectively used cyber weapons

The U.S. has already used cyber weapons and efficiently. This was announced on Monday, the former director of National Intelligence, Vice Admiral Michael McConnell retired. In an interview with "Reuters", he said that the U.S. has the ability to "attack, weaken or destroy" the enemy in cyberspace. In this case, McConnell pointed out that such […]

"Yandex" has become a shareholder in Facebook

"Yandex" has made a bargain purchase and sale of shares in the developer of technology for face recognition Face.com. "Yandex" has sold its stake in three times more expensive than bought, and became a minority shareholder in Facebook. The company Yandex, which owns the Internet portal "Yandex", revealed the details perfect in the last year […]

U.S. Air Force: the world inhabit cyborgs

As part of the research program Blue Horizons, which involves the preparation of an annual series of reports on the prediction of future technologies, the U.S. Air Force experts presented a video that clearly represents a tendency to blur the boundaries between humans and machines. This process goes faster and faster, until the difference between […]